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Notice of price increase in 30 days.

Dear Customer

Since the inception of Sick Saddles I have provided what I believe to be the best value in the custom motorcycle seat market. I have worn many hats and worked unbelievable hours to keep my prices dirt cheap and my quality sky high. After building over 1,000 custom seats and hundreds of bags and other custom products, and absorbing numerous price increases from my vendors and suppliers, I now find it necessary to raise my prices. I have also come to a point in my business that I need to hire some help and invest in some new equipment. This is a decision I have reached through much consideration and council with my advisors, and it truly grieves me to have it do this.
I wanted to let you, my valued current and future customers, have as much notice as possible. I know that many of you are blue collar hard working guys and gals much like my self and have to budget every penny you spend. So for the next 30 days (until November 10)  not only will I honor my current pricing, but I will also give you a $10 discount on a upgrade to gel foam, and free shipping. Any orders placed within the next 30 days will receive these free upgrades.
I will continue to provide the best value in the custom motorcycle seat and accessory market, using only the finest vinyl, leather, and exotic skins. I will not sacrifice quality to keep a price point that is just not possible. I sincerely hope this gives you enough notice so that you can order your sick saddles product at the lowest possible price.
I promise to only increase my prices enough to make a fair profit and fund my ongoing expansion. Thank you for your continued support and business.



 I make the seats using pressure formed ABS plastic for the pans. From there I use a high quality foam that wont "crush out" with extended use.  The covers are made with either marine grade vinyl or soft cowhide leather.  I stitch it all together with UV resistant bonded polyester thread (the good stuff).

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My name is Ed Graves and in 2011 I started Sick Saddles.  I've been doing custom stitching and leather work since 1999.  I decided to start building bike seats from the pan up as a full time endeavor in order to offer a comfortable, high quality custom motorcycle seat that wont break the bank. I try to develope designs that will give a bike a different look. I make seats for Sportsters and Dynas but I can do custom work to any seat.  If you have any questions please feel free to drop me a line or ring me up. 
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